Did you know that Montpelier was once the clothespin capital of the world? 

Two competing clothespin factories, the National Clothespin Factory (along Stonecutters Way near Hunger Mountain Co-op) and the U.S. Clothespin Factory near the current location of Shaw's, dominated clothespin manufacturing for parts of three centuries. 

The U.S. Clothespin Factory Building was notable for one unusual feature, a giant clothespin that adorned its roof from 1897-1924, proclaiming itself "The WorldÂ’'s Largest Working Clothespin." 

Inspired by this sign, in 2020, local artists Ben Cheney, Jesse Cooper and Chris Eaton of Flywheel Industrial Arts created a sculpture of three clothespins ("Hammered, Welded, Sprung") that have been displayed locally at The Kent Galley and Highland Center for the Arts. 

With your help, Montpelier Alive and the City of Montpelier Public Art Commission hope to bring this unique sculpture to the vacant lot beside the Drawing Board on Main Street, close to the historic site of the "World's Largest Working Clothespin."  

Generous local donors have already contributed $6,000 toward the cost of acquiring the piece. Please consider a donation to help us honor Montpelier's history with this beautiful artwork. 

Funds raised will go toward the acquisition, relocation and installation of the piece, along with the placement of signage and other administration costs. We estimate these costs at $12,000 total. Any funds raised over the actual costs will go to support the work of Montpelier Alive's Design Committee.